Saturday, September 20, 2008


Sunshine recently had her birthday parties and her actual birthday. What fun!

This year for the first time I actually had her kids birthday party some place other than my house. It was a stretch for me, but when I did the math, it ended up being cheaper than all the food I would buy and my time.

So we had it at a movie theater and watched The Game Plan, which was a big hit with the kids. We had popcorn and cake and ice cream. All and all a fun day.

The family party was a bit more subdued but still fun none the less, a nice BBQ in the backyard and some more wonderful presents.

And finally, the cupcakes for the classroom.

I would say it was much more of a birthday weekend than a birthDAY.

Happy Birthday Sunshine, thanks for being born!


Stella and Thomas said...

How amazing...I love the cupcakes!!!

shamalam said...

I know... the room, the cupcakes.. who knew I had such talent? If you ever saw my Little's pledge book, you would have thought I was hopeless! :-)