Saturday, January 3, 2009

Science Museum

We were given tickets to take the train to Boston, a bit of a luxury. But a lot of fun.

We arrived in Boston and hopped on the T to the Science Museum.

I have little more to say than WOW. We could have spent a whole day if not more there.

All about the human body, so very cool. Kind of glad she wasn't interested in the section on how babies come from cells. :-)

This was a cool place of mythical creatures, we couldn't take pictures inside, lots of old artifacts. Beautiful Chinese dragons and mermaids and griffins. Wonderful.

We got tickets to the butterfly garden and really they were this close. Sunshine was a bit freaked that they landed on you so we didn't get to stay very long.

The map geek in me loves this picture.

Happy holidays T-Rex

This was an area on senses- taste, touch, see, hear, smell and this is a time delayed photo of us.

Am I just a dance of molecules?

This amazingly large light bright, lots of fun, I made the heart!

We also had a chance to take in a show at the planetarium on "What Happened to Pluto?" which reminded me that we need to visit our local planetarium more.

As we were leaving, good night T-Rex.

I want to try and make this an annual visit, this was so much fun.

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