Monday, November 26, 2007

Birthdays Yeah...

In my family, for the most part all of our birthdays are slammed into about 30 days of the year, okay maybe 45 days- but its a lot of celebration in an already heavy celebration season why with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Martin Luther King Day..

So we try to celebrate them in chunks, being very careful not to combine any of them with an actual holiday that is recognized by the rest of the world- for example, my Mom's birthday which often falls on Thanksgiving- we celebrate on a different day. My Aunt and Uncle celebrate their anniversary the Saturday after Thanksgiving- but not a specific date.

I give my parents a lot of credit for celebrating my birthday the way the did, as close to Christmas as it is it was always a separate event- presents rarely bridge between my birthday and Christmas, baby Jesus has his day, and my parents made sure I did as well.

So tonight, we celebrated my Mom's birthday and my Aunt and Uncle's anniversary- 24 years.. YEAH THEM!

Sunshine read us some books.. we laughed and told stories and just otherwise enjoyed each other's company.

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