Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chicken and Hen

Last week I was talking with a coworker, a very intelligent young man, highly technical and we were having a difficult time working through a particular process, he wasn't understanding where I was coming from and I was having difficulty talking at his technical level. At one point he said to me that he didn't understand why I was looking at the problem the way I was, and I said, I'd be surprised if you did, our brains work very differently. (When I said it it didn't sound quite a snotty as it does in print). It was like a light bulb went off in his head. We think differently, so we were trying to solve the problem from two different angles.

It reminded me of a time when Sunshine was in Kindergarten and she came home singing "One two Buckle my shoe, three four shut the door, five six pick up sticks, seven eight shut the gate, nine ten a big fat chicken." It was at that moment that I knew we thought the same, I think in pictures and clearly so does Sunshine. A hen is a chicken right? It doesn't rhyme, but she didn't remember the rhyme, she remembered the picture and put a word to the picture- chicken.

I do the same thing I am tremendously visual. People make fun of me at work because I need to draw out what I'm talking about, clearly, I think, if I have to see the picture to understand it, others must too. Right? And I often put a similar word with the picture in my head, not the word everyone might know, but the word the picture makes me think of.

Recently a friend said to me that I was "scary good" at remember numbers, phone numbers, dates, number things. I think it really is the same thing, I remember pictures, and so I remember the numbers. And clearly Sunshine does too, at least when it comes to poultry!

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