Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My Mom tells a funny story of visiting the principal to get pointers on how to get me to stop listening to music while I did my homework.

The conversation, as I'm told, went something like this:

Mom: I'm concerned about S listening to music while she does her homework, there is no way she can concentrate.

Principal: Are you unhappy with her grades?

Mom: No.

Principal: Then what's the problem?

Music, for much of life has been present. People talk about smells bringing them back to a particular time or place. Music is like that for me, I hear some songs and I remember vividly a person, a place or an event.

For some reason after Sunshine was born, I didn't listen to music much. I don't know why. Let me clarify, I listened to lullabies and classic nursery rhymes. I even put Sunshine to bed each night with lullabies playing and had a few songs I sang to her (and still do). But none of "my" music.

It was maybe 3 years ago that I started to listen to "my" music again. And I was encouraged in June to by an MP3 player- which I did- (by the way its one of the reasons I've stuck with the running).

I've never been a big country fan (more of an 80s Hair Band girl), but a friend said, you need to listen to Kenny Chesney and made me a cd of some of her favorite songs. I started to enjoy them, and one day had them on while Sunshine and I were cleaning the house. Something wonderful happened- Sunshine and I started dancing. I was swinging her around and she was trying to spin me. I still remember the feeling and how hard we both laughed.

Its now become one of those things that we do- to the Hannah Montana Theme song when it comes on, or we turn the stereo on and dance a bit of time away. And you know what? It's one of my favorite things.

What are some of your favorite times with or memories of your child(ren)/childhood?

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Stella and Thomas said...

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my family when we went camping. I loved sitting around a fire and roasting marshmellows and just talking. The stars seemed brighter back then....and yes, I had to walk three miles barefoot in the snow to school each day. But there was no TV, no distractions. Tony made the kids s'mores the other night and it brought back that memory.

Great post!