Friday, August 15, 2008


Let's be clear, I hate spiders, despise them, as a young child I had an awful dream about them and have been fearful of them ever since. I am well aware of where poisonous spiders live and do what I can to avoid those places.

Well, along comes Sunshine and there are just some things a Mom has to do. I remember when Sunshine was really small, probably less than a year old, she started crying out in the middle of the night so I go running, only to find a spider in her crib, a big black spider on the nice white crib sheets.

This is a defining moment in a woman's life, this is when you understand the folk lore passed down of the woman who hiked up a mountain to save her child from a rival tribe while the men in the village gathered their wits to go and fight the other tribe.

Yes, I understand entering a tribe of rivals is very different than killing a spider, but you must understand, my fear of spiders is palpable, often involves screaming and dancing around.

So Tuesday I pick Sunshine up from camp, we have just left the parking lot and are entering a residential area with a low speed limit, I'm always tense through this area, because there are always people walking or kids out playing. As we are discussing the events of the day, all of a sudden Sunshine screams... screams so loud and strong that my heart is in my throat... and I'm shaking because I'm sure I have hit a dog or a person, but there is no place to pull over.

As I am trying to get 20 feet up the road top pull over, Sunshine now begins to scream words,


At this point I am both relieved that I have not inadvertently hit something and feel very sorry for Sunshine that she is so upset, crying and yelling.

I pull over and stop and am shaking so badly that I can not grab the Daddy Long Legs by one of its legs, which is just forcing Sunshine to scream more.

A few deep breaths, I grab the spider, toss it out of the car window and home we go.

I kid you not when I tell you I was still shaking 10 minutes later.

Amazing the transformations we make when we become Mom's.

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