Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have watched 4 seasons of Sex and the City in the last month or so, usually in lump sittings of 4 or 6 episodes.

Now, being a champion over thinker since way back, it has me thinking about love and life and the decisions we make. And today, I have spent much of the day pondering my relationships-- friendships, loves, work relationship you name it. As I watch the women of S&TC go through their relationships, I can not help but wonder about my own failed relationships. In the grand scheme of things, I am sure that my successful relationship are greater than my failed relationships, but it is, as always, easy to look at what I did wrong (over thinker champion and contender for champion self beater upper as well).

Of course this all as I'm reaching the time I need to make that decision I was eluding to and trying to make those decisions with my heart and not my head. And trying hard not to over analyze my failed relationships using my heart and not my head (can you even do that?). And wondering, if the decision will break your heart, even if it feels right in your heart, can your heart still make the decision?

And you know what? I get back from a long walk in the rain with the dog (one of my favorite things to do, run in the rain) and I have 2 email messages for 2 wonderful people in my life and I think... so really about those failed relationships? Is there really a need to dwell on them?

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