Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If you...

Sunshine as of late has been trying this new technique on me...

"If you don't let me BLAH BLAH, then I'm going to hit you with this!"

As the conversation escalates she gets louder and louder reaching the decibel level she had as a baby when she was really upset about something- you know that cry that started with no sound at all, kind of like the warning shot across your bow- after that you knew glass could shatter!

Being the typical Mother, I am not perfect, and I do try my best, I try to make things positive- using the reward system, if you do this then we can do something fun. And I know there are times that I do say, if you don't do this, then you can't have XYZ.

But never, ever, never have I suggested that if she didn't do something that I was going to hit her. And the screaming, oh my, the screaming, I will not lie, I have yelled at Sunshine, but it is not common. Where on Earth is she getting this? And I ask you, will it stop?

Frankly it scares me- I dread getting a phone call that she has hit some other kid. I hope this is just a stage, a very very very short stage.

Any suggestions?

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