Sunday, February 10, 2008


So friend told me about this website I could track my running progress, so I started using it.

I'm always much better about that sort of thing when I have goals, and being able to see what I've done touches on my competitive side and pushes me to do more.

So here are my stats since I started tracking:
1/14-1/20: 6.3 miles; 1:25:41
1/21-1/27: 7.5 miles; 1:45:00
1/28-2/3: 9.3 miles; 2:11:03
2/4-2/10: 9.8 miles; 2:21:06

I am so impressed with myself, I never would have guessed I could do this, but I am so glad I took the leap to start running and didn't give up those first few times when I couldn't run for more than a 10th of a mile.

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