Friday, May 16, 2008

Commute Another Way

Here every year there is a state wide challenge to commute another way for a week. The goal is to make people aware of their options for getting to and from work and this year a big emphasis on saving on gas.

Where I work we have a large contingent of people who bike into work, this year we actually had to get a another bike rack to hold all the bikes. Although I can't bike in every day, I bike a few times a month. My big reason for not biking every day is the Day Care Dash... you know it... you love it... you are driving to day care or after school care and you watch as the minutes some how tick away faster and faster... approaching that witching hour of 5:30 when it will cost you $25 a second that you are late to pick up your child.

It seems to me that there are people who's sole purpose in life is to slow down and generally get in the way of the Day Care Dashers. You know who I mean, the random people who must go 30 mph on a major highway between 5 and 5:30. The construction team who was supposed to be done by 4 but still has half the road blocked off at 5:15.. tick tick tick tick... cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching.

I can feel my blood pressure rising just reliving those moments now at 6:40 in the morning.

But I digresses... it is nearly impossible for me to leave work and do the Day Care Dash home on a bike, even though I do have a tag a long for Sunshine to ride on, alas, timing is everything.

A few months ago I challenged myself to run into work one of the days of commute another way to work week. Yesterday I woke up and said, nah, don't do it, and then I gave myself a good talking to and said, you said you would do this get up and get going! And so I did, and I ran all the way to work. It was my longest distance to date, I ran the whole way AND I felt awesome all day. No I didn't run home... that would really have been a Day Care Dash and I would have lost miserably... a friend dropped me off at my house after work so I could pick up my car to dash to day care...