Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Thoughts

I've had all these half blogs start in my head over the last few day. Concepts that are crossing my radar frequently like the living in the moment concept, still working on that one, probably will for sometime.

First a funny story, or a life lesson from me to you... yesterday I took off for my longest run, 5.2 miles, which I did and I was pleased with my accomplishment. Being cautious I brought my cell phone along, no pockets? No problem, I'll just stick this in my sports bra. My friends... sweat and cell phones don't mix, listen to me, don't do it, don't do it!

Random thought 1. My friends have encouraged me to start watching Sex in the City, so I have been renting the seasons at the library. I look at the four women and see myself in each of them, and see friends of mine in each of them. I actually really liked the last episode of Season Two where Carrie decides there are 2 types of woman, complicated and not complicated... I think I need to rent The Way We Were, I've never seen it.

Random thought 2. Change and I don't mean coins- everyone deals with it differently, but rarely is it a smooth transition. Positive or negative reaction, there is always some turmoil with that.

Random thought 3. Poop. I find it increasingly funny how sanitary we make our society, and I am no different, but with 2 cats, a dog and a small child (who has been successfully potty trained for years) I stopped to think the other day how much poop I must have scooped or wrapped in a diaper in my life. Wow!

Random thought 4. The dichotomy of life. There is sadness in the news, several famous actors passing on, there have been a couple incidents of violent crime in area, the economy. I have friends and family members who are dealing with aging parents, and cancer diagnosis. And then there is happiness, friends are having weddings and babies and are graduating and moving onto the next chapter of their lives. The balance is good, but I find it hard to focus equally on the sadness and the happiness. Why is that? Are we drawn to the sadness? Can we be happy for other people or is that a hard thing for us to do?

Random thought 5. Being magnanimous. When you are magnanimous, when you are open and accepting of people who you don't respect or who don't respect you, what does that person think? How funny! she doesn't get that I think she is a moron? Or do they get they you are being magnanimous?

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