Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seventh Grade

Yesterday a good friend asked if I remembered what it was like the day I "graduated" from 7th grade knowing the next day I really had nothing I had to do and if I could get to that point again. I didn't really have an answer at the time, because I thought well there is no way that I could get there, I have a child to take care of, animals to take care of, bills to pay, you know adult responsibilities.

But today I started thinking about it more, and then I remembered a few times I have actually said I wish I was back in Kindergarten playing in the sandbox, when all I had to worry about was someone taking my pail and shovel.

Not really what my friend was going for, he was approaching it more from the standpoint of living life to the fullest, living in the moment. Where my Kindergarten scenario is similar but not about living life to the fullest, more about not having so much adult responsibility.

It is an interesting conundrum, when you think about it; finding that balance of being a good parent, a good friend, a good card carrying adult human being, and yet living life to it's fullest. Remembering to take care of your children, pay your bills on time, and go to work, and living in the moment.

Definitely something that is going to bounce around in my head for awhile. What about you? How do you find that sweet spot of being a responsible adult and living in the moment?


Stella and Thomas said...

It's funny...I was actually just thinking about this and then I read this post. I have been thinking about memories I have of my childhood. I think having children of your own makes you think back to your own experiences.

I am like you, when I think back it is more about not having adult responsibilities. I find I am living in the moment when I let things go..give in to the chaos if you will. I stay in the moment and feel joy.

shamalam said...

Exactly, when I let go and enjoy what I'm doing... I can be there.. not thinking about paying the bills or solving a problem at work or any of those things. Just living in the moment.. wish I could find that more often!