Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

First, Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there.

Second, I had a fantastic Mother's Day! It started out with a 5k run, a local Mother's Day Event, this year there were something like 2200 runners. This is the largest race I have been in, and it was amazing to see the stream of people in front of me and imagine the stream behind me.

It was a beautiful day and I felt like I ran a really good race, I set my sights on someone ahead of me and would aim to catch them there were two woman who I played dose do with most of the race, my in front and then them and visa versa, but in the end, I finished a few seconds before both of them, which was great, but it was also great to have that challenge to pull on my competitive side.In this picture I am just crossing the line, you can see me to the left of the woman in yellow.

Sunshine (with my Aunt and Uncle) were at the end to greet me, which was awesome.

Later in the afternoon we had a barbecue at my house on my brand new barbecue grill (which we bought in our travels yesterday) and exchanged presents, which was part of our busy day yesterday. We bought some ceramic pots and painted them for my Mom and my Aunt and planted them with flowers for today.... all in all a fantastic day to be a Mom! And Sunshine gave me a certificate for 200 kisses! How lucky am I??

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Stella and Thomas said...

Happy Mother's Day. Looks like you had a great day!!