Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crazy Eight

Amy over at Stella and Thomas asked me to participate in this game of Crazy Eights by sharing eight unusual or little known facts about myself. I sort of feel like I'm an open book, so these may not be surprising to many people, but here I go.

1. I have an incredible memory, generally if you tell me something I never forgot it. This is both a blessing and a curse.

2. I can back up a truck with a trailer attached. When I was learning to drive my Uncle forced me to learn this ability, at the time I thought, yeah, whatever! It has however, come in very handy, you would surprised how many people don't have that skill.

3. Speaking of memory, I can still recite the Greek Alphabet 3 times fast.

4. I believe in angels, and see a psychic a couple times a year and believe that I have been around this world a few different lifetimes. I have little factual evidence to support this, but I've read a lot about it and I think there is a lot to it, and I believe.

5. I hate horror movies but I watch them, because I have a friend who loves them. I don't like to be scared, and to this day, if I am walking at night near woods I have flashbacks to the Blair Witch Project and start to run.

6. I love to run and dance in a warm rain storm. Nothing much more to be said on that one, I love them!

7. I am a home body. I like visiting different places for short periods of time, but like coming back home as much, if not more than I do visiting new places.

8. My two favorite words are ubiquitous and omnipotent.

Okay so now I must tag 8 people, but I don't know 8 people in the blogging world, so I will tag the 2 I do know.

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Stella and Thomas said...

Haha! I forgot about the greek alphabet. I can do that to! To a burning match!!!