Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's 4 am... Let's Play

I have to imagine that around 4 am in my house a scene that goes something like this....

Some internal clock in the brains of the animals in my house goes off, it is 4am and we must now be on alert, we must sit quietly until we see the slightest movement from the human that gives us food.. when her eyes blink during REM.. we must bounce, if she so much as moves a foot, we are there and so, this morning somewhere around 4:45 I must have moved a toe because...

Jack the dog, asleep at my side wakes up and moves to the foot of the bed to look at the window to keep watch for general traffic and any passerby, barking ominously to scare them away from the house.

Wiley the cat who usually sleeps on the floor, wakes up and feels the urge to dance on the night table next to my bed, which inevitably causes one or more items to fall crashing to the floor (generally the alarm clock or cell phone- which in the dead of night make a rather loud boom). Once satisfied that he has cleared the night table of all dangerous and potentially useful objects he jumps full force on to my chest and proceeds to nudge me in the face, when I push him away he is content to find a spot to sleep on my legs.

Mae Mae who has either been asleep next to my head or at the top of my head sees Wiley and decides that he is way too close to me and most intervene. So she proceeds to smack him in the face and hiss and then as he moves to sleep on my legs, she plants herself squarely on my chest.

At this point, there is no turning back, I'm awake, and that means I must have to get up and use the little girls room. As I grumpily get out of bed, I say.. it is 5 am, what is wrong with you? Why can't you just let me sleep?

They of course don't answer, but like all good animals follow me into the bathroom to make sure I'm okay, adding insult to injury... oh look, she is awake, she is moving, let's go!

I try with no success to crawl back into bed and go to sleep, but they are up, Wiley is dancing on the night table, MaeMae is sitting on my chest wagging her tail in my face and Jack has found his raw hide and thinks 5:30 am is a really good time for a rawhide.

Don't they know it is Saturday and that I can sleep until like 7??? It isn't like it is even sunny out.

Would it be really awful of me to wake up at like 3 am tomorrow and turn all the lights on and throw the cat toys and take Jack for a long walk? With my luck they'd come to expect that behavior every day!

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Stella and Thomas said...

Do we live in the same house???

I always have to pee at the same time in the am (4-ish) and once i am up...all the animals want to play. I end up opening our sliding glass door and let them all out into the yard. I am sure our neighbors behind us love to hear Blu and Cora Belle running like mad dogs!