Friday, December 14, 2007

Beer and Daisies

Along time ago when I was a sorority girl during a pretty tense discussion one of my very wise sisters said.. you know Sorority isn't all wine and roses, its beer and daisies.

I thought about this comment recently. I spend a lot of time focusing on finding the roses... and I miss the wonderful daisies that are right in front of or beside me. What does that cryptic comment mean? It means that I sometimes don't notice the wonderful people in my life, the colorful daisies that I've met in my life, or the daisies I've planted myself because I can get focused on something I think is better. What I forget is that Gerber Daisies are my favorite flower and I'm not really a big fan of roses!

So, I'm going to focus a bit more on the daisies I've met and cultivated and spend a lot less time looking for roses.

So, this beer and daisies girl toasts all the wonderful daisies in my life!


Stella and Thomas said...

You are so wise my thusa daisy! I do not care for roses either. They usually have hidden thorns.

shamalam said...

yeah... I forget about those thorns even though I often get stuck by them... thanks for the reminder!