Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sunshine has asked for an iPod for Christmas. When I say asked, I mean, multiple times a day for several weeks. I had a hard time with this- I don't even have an iPod. I have an mP3 player- its just as good as an iPod, but cost $100 less. And, I think she's pretty young to have such a small expensive gift, just seems like it could so easily be lost.

So, I did a lot of research and found these things called Disney Mix Sticks, fairly inexpensive AND they come in purple with Tinkerbell on them. Really, what more could a girl want from life? But every time Sunshine says.. I really want an iPod, my stomach does a little flip flop- she's asked for one thing and I didn't actually get it, I got a variation on a theme. What am I going to do if she's completely devastated on Christmas? I keep telling myself she won't be... after all its purple with Tinkerbell!

And then the even larger looming question... does the mP3 player arrive from Santa or from Mom?

Perhaps I'm over thinking this whole thing? This will be the first year that Sunshine is not with me on Christmas Day, and I'm a bit stressed about making sure the traditions and the holiday are still special even though they won't happen for us on THE 25th.

Wish me luck... may purple and Tinkerbell persevere over a name brand.


Momma, hey Momma! said...

I think she will love it. How you she not? It is cool with Tinkerbell and it is purple!! I didn't know she will not be with you this year? Want to come over??

I wish!!

shamalam said...

Thanks for the invite- I don't know if I could leave 2 plus feet of snow in my front yard and see palm trees.. instead I'm gonna rent some movies, do some running, walk the dog, and maybe see a movie with a friend... Like Gloria Gainer... I will survive!