Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Holidays

Yesterday was filled with lots of holiday preparation.

The biggest event was getting and decorating our tree. We chose a "medium" size tree- but I have to tell you, after seeing it in our house- I'd call this a large tree. We had a great time putting on the decoration and because the tree is so tall, Sunshine actually got on my shoulders to decorate the top, it was nice to work together to make that happen.

After tree putting up and decorating and some shopping, I attended a Christmas Yankee swap, the balloon in this video was a gift at the party 4 years ago, it gets taken out and flown each year- its always an adventure to see where it will end up.

And in case anyone was wondering- this is how much snow we have already... from our first snow of the year, another one is expected tonight. This is way too early for this much snow... sigh...

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