Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I Survived...

As Christmas Day comes to a close, I am pleased to announce that I have survived my first Christmas without Sunshine. I followed advice my Mother had given me- she too had spent several Christmases alone after my parents divorced- one of the first ones my Dad took me to Florida for a week, I still remember coming home to my Mom's and seeing a whole new bedding set that I had been asking for.

I slept in, took the dog for a VERY long walk- it was a fantastic day here with lots of sun, went to Mom's for a lovely brunch and some mother-daughter bonding time.

Got an email from from a friend out of town and a call from another friend just to say hi, Merry Christmas and we're thinking of you. Which was perfect- as I told one of them, I see they got my silent message about needing to hear from good people in my life today (I'm not always good at asking for what I need or want, especially when I need or want it most).

I watched a couple of movies, cleaned my house some, made myself a lovely dinner and am now preparing for Christmas tomorrow. There were sad moments, but I have survived!

Its funny the very first weekend Sunshine was with her Dad, I thought I'm never going to get through this- I was terrified- I painted 3 rooms in my house to keep myself busy- but I did get through it, and each subsequent one I've gotten through, even when she's with him for a full week. As a friend says, it gets easier, never easy, but easier. Just think how prepared I'll be for her to go to college...

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