Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Verdict...

Well... I'm not sure that Tinkerbell and purple won out over iPod the name. It was sort of passed over. The big hit was a HUGE Ariel hut which takes up most of my living room and is now perched in Sunshine's room so she can sleep in it tonight.

She is however now listening to the mP3 player which took way too long to set up.. I kept saying to myself- I should have spent the money for an iPod... but it was a life lesson.. I will try to remember not to stress about a present in the future... and just do my best to get for Sunshine what I can afford that I think she will like and when at all possible is what she has asked for... she didn't ask for the hut.. but she loves it.

But most of all... this year, I was very cognizant of enjoying the company I was with.. the time with my family and the spirit of the holiday, finding the joy in each moment and not getting too caught up in the chaos.

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