Friday, April 18, 2008

Fetch! and a PC

I don't remember how are when we stumbled across Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman. But I recommend it whole heartedly!

I should probably step back and start closer to the beginning rather than in the middle of the story...

My friends started making MythTV boxes. Think home grown TiVo built on Linux. Now, I'm not a huge watcher of TV, frankly I just don't have the time, but I do have a handful of shows that I like to watch, for a long time I was a huge West Wing and ER fan. And I would diligently put my vcr tape in the vcr every Wednesday and Thursday morning before work so that I could tape that weeks episode of West Wing and ER. At the time we lived in an area that lost power all the time, so often the VCR would loose time and well.. no ER, no West Wing.

Along comes MythTV. One of my favoritest things. I set it to record shows, either weekly or whenever they are on or what have you. For example over about a 2 month period I recorded and watched all of the Will and Grace episodes. I'm working my way through Seinfeld right now, and have a handful of shows I watch like Lost, How I Met Your Mother, Saving Grace, Dirt (yes I understand that the themes vary widely in that list), but I don't have to watch them each week, I can store a few weeks up and if I have the time sit in front of the tv for a few hours and watch a couple of episodes... without commercials!

Along with my shows I also keep on hand several episodes of Sunshine's favorites- Hannah Montana, Drake and Josh and Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman. Fetch! is on PBS and it is basically a reality game show for kids, set in Boston the kids do scientific challenges and earn points. Some examples- a scale model of the solar system in Boston, visiting Plimouth Plantation, following the Freedom Trail, learning how to wake board, building a go kart. For the past week Sunshine has only been running through the 31 episodes of Fetch! we have on the Myth box. I love it, I enjoy watching it, I enjoy watching the kids learning new things and I like that Sunshine likes it.. if it is on a PBS station near you- you should watch it too!

In other very exciting news.. I bought a new computer. The one I had was probably 10 years old, Sunshine's Dad and I had it built and then added and upgraded it, but it was old and slow and well, driving me crazy. So the same folks who brought me MythTV, turned me on to where I found a great deal. Now, I'm lucky enough because we built the last machine that I had a lot of the software, so getting a barebones machine worked for me... that and that another friend took Vista off of it, and installed XP for me (again because I had the software already). It is a smokin' machine and I am amazed at how fast things are... technology is a grand grand thing.

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