Saturday, April 19, 2008


The last few days have been the most amazing weather, clear blue sky and in the 60s. After the long winter we've had, I can not ask for more. Last night when walking the dog, I looked up, clear starlit sky and an almost full moon.

Today has been a busy day. After gymnastics, Sunshine and I took off to pick up the trail-a-bike I had found through a local network. She was soooo excited.

We got home and hooked it up to my bike and off we went for a bike ride. It was so much fun, it took a little getting used to the weight distribution, but I could totally tell when she was peddling especially when we were going up hill.

We came home and ran some errands and went back out for another ride, of course stopping for ice cream on the trip.

I was happy to take a shower as I smelled from my run while Sunshine was at gymnastics, but it was a wonderful day, fresh air, outdoor exercise and fantastic Sunshine and Momma time.

Edit- I forgot the part about Sunshine saying how exciting the whole experience was, how she couldn't wait to tell her friends. And how scared she was to go down a hill, and I said, just hold on, we'll be okay and half way down she said this is awesome! I have to imagine that the people in town were laughing at us as we road by both of us with big grins on our faces.

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Stella and Thomas said...

I love that bike!! It looks like you guys had so much fun together.