Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monkies, Leaves and Bikes... oh my?

One of the people I work with has a favorite saying, I will clean it up for the purposes of this blog, but when he sees things that look a little awkward he says, it is like a monkey trying to copulate with a football (put the F word in place of copulate and there you have it). The imagery that statement invokes is pretty powerful.. and why do I share it with you? Having never actually seen a monkey performing the above act, I believe, I myself, may have replicated something similar... you see for a long time I had a hard time getting Sunshine to sleep in her own bed, but.. Santa being the great guy that he is brought Sunshine a play tent with Ariel on it.

Sunshine now sleeps on a mattress that sits inside this large play tent... Sunshine sleeps in her own bed. Bless you Santa, bless you!. But you see, making a bed in a tent on the floor... well, I think it has to look, to the casual observer, a bit like a monkey trying to copulate with a football, or at least that is what I feel like!

Very quickly switching gears on you...

Having started my blog in December, you have not had the pleasure of listening to me complain about the leaves that beseech my house every year. Usually, I get them all raked, it takes me about 8 to 10 hours, over several weekend, but with the early snow this year, I did not get my back or side yard completed. And so, as the snow has begun to melt, what I knew lay beneath is now rearing it's ugly head, and alas, I am saddened by the prospect of raking wet leaves.

and again.. shift gears..

But snow is melting and that means Spring is springing.. FINALLY, and so today Sunshine went for a bike ride. She is still mastering riding without training wheels but got it a few times until she realized she was doing it and then she lost her balance, a few more afternoons like today and she'll be a pro... "they" say it is supposed to be 60 tomorrow.. I'm painting my toe nails and taking my sandals out!

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