Thursday, April 3, 2008

LA in a Major Boomwacker Scale

For the past several weeks Sunshine has been talking about her upcoming concert at school. She brought home the lyrics to Sing Sing a Song to study, and she's been telling me about a Beauty Song, but most importantly she kept telling me that she was LA in the Boomwacker Major scale.

Today I needed to meet with someone at work and he said he was free at 5 could I meet him then, and I said, no, Sunshine is LA in the Boomwacker Major scale, the looks around the table were priceless....

as was the concert tonight.

(note the different colored tubes in each of the kids hands, they are the boomwackers, sound determined by the size of the boomwacker)
Start from the right of the photo.. Do Ra Me Fa So La Ti Do Do Ti La So Fa Me Ra Do

All the classes did a fabulous job, and the music teacher did a wonderful job of making each class have their own special thing to do. We also got to see some of the student's art work. It was a wonderful night.. and Sunshine did fabulously as LA.

After the major scale the whole class sang a song called Downtown and used Boomwackers during the dance.

In other news, today during Tae Kwon Do, they practiced sparing using flags on their belts. I got there too late to see the first match Sunshine participated in, which she lost, but I did see the 2nd one, where she kicked some butt, and won. After their spar, the instructed indicated that she and her partner had done a great job, they got right in there and went for the flags, they weren't afraid to go for it... Go Sunshine!

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Stella and Thomas said...

I love this story! I am so glad Sunshine had fun with the LA!!!