Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Fun

It seems as summer approaches weekends get fuller and shorter (or is it more full and shorter?), these last 2 weekends have been wonderful and I am hoping a sign of the fun times ahead this summer.

Sunshine was with her Dad for this vacation week, those weeks are always hard for me, they don't get easier, I think I'm just more prepared for them.

I was pretty busy with work and also made plans with friends to see movies and have dinner.

As a brief aside, I have a fantastic group of friends, during the divorce they were amazingly supportive of me, listening to me complain and be negative and sometimes just letting me be near them so I didn't feel quite so alone. I've told them lots of times how much I appreciate them, but I know that words will never quite express what their support meant.

But now, they get the fun, less negative me!! So as I said movies and dinner and this weekend I went Disc Golfing for the first time, some say Frisbee golf.. to-may-to, to-ma-to. It was a blast, low key and just hanging out. Definitely something I will try to do again and when Sunshine is older take her, or find a miniature Frisbee golf course (do they make those?)

And I also ran my 2nd 5k race this weekend. My time was not what I would have liked, a bit slower than the last 5k race I ran, but I didn't walk any of it and I passed people on the hills, so, I'm counting it as a positive experience. I'm hoping as I run more of these I'll be less tense and nervous beforehand- I can go out and run a 5k on my own just to run, but if there is some word like "race" associated with it I get all freaked out, believe me I'm not going to win anything, but it still freaks me out.

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