Sunday, April 13, 2008

Off Kilter

I have had the oddest week. It wasn't a bad week, it just sort of seemed like my world was tilted a little bit. Little things, I push the Diet Coke button on the vending machine, I get Diet Pepsi. I still got caffeine, just not my favorite kind.

Today in the grocery store checking out, the cashier and I both got really confused, about what, I have no idea, but at one point we looked at each other and were like is that it? Had I given him the money? Had he given me my receipt, it was comical.

My favorite jeans have a hole in them. In all honesty, these jeans are probably 6 to 8 years old, so the fact that they have a hole should really not be a surprise to me, especially since I wear them at least once a week in the winter and probably once every two weeks in the summer, that's a lot of wear for a pair of jeans.

We've had this small crisis up here with credit card information being accessed at a local grocery store chain, so doing as I was instructed I contacted all my financial institutions, they assured me everything was fine, just keep checking. And then a week later, I get a notice my card(s) have been canceled, they'll send me a new one. Okay, but I can't log into my online account because the card doesn't exist, so I can't pay the payment, so I call to make a payment- because I don't get the bills in the mail anymore, so I don't have an envelope. Fine and dandy, make the payment, but on the phone I have to pay this extra fee, so I call and say I don't want to pay the fee, and they were very cool about it, once they realized I wasn't angry, I wasn't, glad they canceled it, if they had concerns.

Every morning I drop Sunshine off to get the bus and I bring a biscuit for the dog, at least 2 times this week I forgot the biscuit for the dog. I think in the last year and a half I've forgotten the biscuit maybe 3 times total.

I got a book from a favorite author, read 2 chapters and can't stand it, luckily I had gotten a 2nd book by an entirely different author, picked it up, loved it.

I haven't slept all that well, and it isn't like I'm thinking about stuff (roof brain chatter), I just wake up. I've always been about not sleeping because I can't shut my mind off, not just because, well, I wake up.

And I have little to no desire to run. I have been walking and doing a lot of stretching exercises, but just don't want to run, which isn't all that good since I have a 5k in a couple of weeks. But its not like I'm just sitting around doing nothing.

So, really, nothing bad, just seems like my world is a little off kilter, perhaps it will be righted soon. I do hope it is.

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