Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Bathroom

Okay, not really a great title for a blog entry... but I just need to understand something.

I've read other blogs, and talked to friends who have kids and animals. And we all say the same thing, the minute you go into the bathroom your child(ren) need you, or the animal needs to be on the other side of the door than it is at at that very moment.

I don't take or have a lot of time to myself, and frankly I think in the grand scheme of things I am pretty speedy when it comes to using the bathroom, so if someone could tell me why it is in those few moments of time the world can come crashing down. Why was it today when I went into the bathroom that during Sunshine's play date, her friend tipped over the chair and fell? Is there some sort of bathroom watching evil wizard that decides this is the EXACT moment to make some loud crash so you have to make these vital decisions..
1. do I finish what I'm doing?
2. do I wipe?
3. just pull the pants up or take the time to button and zipper?
4. do I flush?
5. what about hand washing? Do I take the time or deal with that after I have assessed the situation?

I think pretty fast on my feet, but I never feel like I make the right decisions at these times.. it is one thing if it is your kid, but when it is not your kid- do the answers change?

And why does it have to happen at that moment? Why not when I'm in the basement doing laundry or in the other room putting laundry away? Why when I'm in a compromised position?

By the way, it isn't just when using the bathroom, Sunshine, has at times screamed so loudly while I'm in the shower that I have literally run out of the shower naked to see what is going on, and invariably it is that she needs more chocolate milk or can't find her clothes. This has to be some sort of cosmic test.

And just to illustrate my speed... twice this week (day light savings kicked my butt).. in the shower at 7:20.. Sunshine at the bus stop (which is about a 9 minute drive) by 7:46, and at my work by 8:01 (again about a 7 or 8 minute drive). And I was completely dressed, all my make-up and jewelry on- was only missing my belt which I threw in my bag to put on at work. I'm not a dilly dallier- I swear!


Stella and Thomas said...

Hahaha! I know what you mean. The time when I had both children, my husband and a dog in with me forced me to lock the door. But then the sounds like a major fall and then it is "can I go to the playground" .....grrrr!

Someday we will have all the time in the world in the bathroom and we will be sad about it, right?


shamalam said...

To be honest, I think there will be lots of things that we'll miss someday... I don't think a lack of privacy in the bathroom will be one... but I could be wrong.

You, Tony, the kids and the dog in your bathroom at one time? Did you take a picture? Where people actually standing on the sink?