Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sushi or PB&J?

If you know me, you know that I am my own worst critic. I can never do anything good enough or right enough for my own standards. I am working on this and being more gentle with myself... BUT....

Have you met the SuperMoms of the world? I'm on a message board for several local communities and I find it very interesting, people sell different items or put the word out they are looking for something (I sold the old swing set and bought a pool), people ask for recommendations of carpenters and doctors etc. It is a great idea and a wonderful way to share and gain information.

The other day someone posted for lunch suggestions. In full disclosure... I am a champion picky eater, I am not adventurous in my eating, I eat about 4 vegetables and maybe 5 fruits- I find something I like and I stick to it. Both of my parents and Sunshine's Dad are all good eaters- they like variety in all their foods, so I was very cognizant of trying to expand my fruit and vegetable intake when Sunshine was born so that I wouldn't hold Sunshine back in the foods she was exposed to.

Okay, so back to the post- a Mom asked about different food ideas- and there were tons of answers- I am not judging here.. but when people come back and say well I pack sushi for my kids, and hummus and carrots and celery sticks and we make antipasto each morning together... when you have a tendency to beat yourself up... that just about allows me to throw a knock out punch.

We have, I kid you not, Macaroni and Cheese almost every night.. not we, but Sunshine, I mix it up a bit- there are shells, or Arthur, or Bunnies or regular noodles.. but it is Macaroni and Cheese. And this year Sunshine asked to buy lunch at school. I don't have a problem with this, our school system does a great job of providing us with the nutrition information and keeping it pretty well balanced, and it gives her the ability to choose what she wants- so I feel good about that, but I also know that many days Sunshine chooses to eat the bagel and maybe some apple sauce (although I doubt she is eating the apple sauce).

I try to tell myself that I'm doing pretty well raising Sunshine, I let her dress herself and some days, I'd like her to wear a sign that says "I dressed myself", but she wears what she wants (as long as it is clean and weather appropriate). Remind me I have to share a story about this sometime.

But when faced with these messages from Mom's who are right out of "How to Be the Healthiest Parent Ever"... it is a bit like a punch in the gut. So it was really nice for a few brave Moms out there to write about how their kid eats PB and J every day and they are okay with that or something similar.

Not judging any of the Moms and what they feed or don't feed their kids... just judging myself and finding solace in the fact that some Mom's may feed their kids just like I do. Taking the boxing gloves off now...

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