Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm Watching You

You know that scene in Meet the Parents when Robert Dinero's character takes two fingers and points them at his eyes and then at Ben Stiller's character... to symbolize I'm watching you? It has somehow made it's way into everyday communication, people know what it means without the words.. "I've got my eye on you".

Today on the way to pick Sunshine up that song "Beverly Hills" was on the radio.. and it got stuck in my head.. so while I'm making dinner I'm singing "Beverly Hills that's where I want to be" over and over and over again.. annoying not only myself but Sunshine, but the lyrics were in my head and would not get out.

We watched an episode of Hannah Montana, the one where we finally get to meet Uncle Earl after hearing so much about him and they play that song.. the same song they play in the episode with the guy from Backstreet Boys who plays the washed up ball player. Well, I really like the beat of that song, and every time I hear it I think, I should get this for my mp3 player for when I run, but I've never really paid attention to the lyrics.. until tonight.

"sometimes I walk a little faster... "

By the way the song is called Rockstar

replace.. "Beverly Hills that's where I want to be" with "sometimes I walk a little faster".

So during Sunshine's bath.. I am singing it over and over again and she is getting annoyed and we start discussing our favorite Hannah Montana songs... and yes folks, I do have some on my mp3- player they are good for running... favorites include "I've Got Nerve" and "If We Were a Movie". So Sunshine starts singing "If We Were a Movie" one of her favorites.. and I sing along, and am quickly reprimanded, I have reached my singing limit with her.

So we curl up on the couch and watch the Jonas Brothers episode of Hannah Montana- the theme song is Best of Both Worlds, which Sunshine had pointed out earlier was one of her favorite Hannah Montana songs and I start singing along and bopping my feet.

She says stop singing! So, I do. And then she says stop moving your feet. Well, I try, but I was dancing even if I was laying down on the couch and it was hard to not move to the music. She grabs my feet and says Stop! So I stop for a second and my feet start again.. and then...

she turns, looks at me.. puts 2 fingers up to her eyes and then points those fingers at me.

Tears rolled from my eyes.. I said.. are you watching me?? And she did it again!!! I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe and then she started her big awesome belly laugh.

That memory is going in the vault!

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