Sunday, March 23, 2008


Back in October, my friend posed the question.. what inspires you?

My response:
"I always find it interesting how when I need to see or hear things they come across my radar screen.

Sometimes I loose site of what inspires me, especially when I'm in the mad rush of my every day life.

My Sunshine inspires me and good people, people doing good things and being good people- people who openly give and share their love and joy with the world- they inspire me to be better.

Since the news of baby Jack- I've been very focused on that word Love and what it means... I think I need to let it inspire me more... to love without rules...

And you, Mulch, you are a great person and I aspire in many areas of my life to be the person you are."

Well since my response I have been thinking about what I said a lot and how I can do something about that inspiration. One of the things I've found that I've been doing more readily is to be open and honest with people and to share my love more freely. It still terrifies me, but to tell people I think they are doing a difficult job and doing it well, or that I really care about them no matter what I think their response will be. It is a bit freeing to be able to do that.

But, I also think one of the only reasons I am now more able to do that is because I am much more comfortable in my own skin, something that I think only comes with age and experience. Sure, I'd like my skin to be a bit smaller and a bit thicker, but you know what, all and all it is pretty darn good and I am pretty darn good, so if I can at least plant the seed to someone that they too are pretty darn good... I'm going to try and do that... I may be holding my breath when I do it.. but I'll keep trying.

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