Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Dressed Myself

I mentioned earlier that I would talk about letting Sunshine dress herself and well it is really one simple story, a story I repeat regularly.

Dear friends of my Aunt and Uncle have 2 daughters who are now grown, intelligent, well adjusted, professional women.

But when Susie was in 2nd grade (name changed so as to not embarrass Susie) she got on the school bus after dressing herself.

Shortly after arriving at school Susie's Mom received a call from the school asking if she knew what Susie had on. Sure, I put her on the bus the Mom responded. So, you are aware that she is wearing tights on her head? Yup, she wanted to have rabbit ears today.

So my mantra.. Susie Black wore tights on her head. And today, Susie is a very successful young woman in New York City.

So those days I want to pin a button on Sunshine that says.. "I dressed myself", instead of rushing to find a safety pin and paper... I say (often more than once)

Susie Black wore tights on her head...
Susie Black wore tights on her head...
Susie Black wore tights on her head..

and look how successful she is today. Hey, maybe I should wear tights on my head!!!

Speaking of bunny ears- Easter photos coming soon.

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