Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mother Nature

In the car on the way home this afternoon:

Me: "Guess what!? It is supposed to snow tonight and I'm not very happy about it!"

Sunshine: "More snow?"

Me: "You know I really would have appreciated Mother Nature calling me and getting my permission to let it snow."

Sunshine: "Momma, that can't happen, Mother Nature is the whole Earth, she can't call."

Me: "Well, she could have tapped a branch on the door and talked to me about it or something."

Sunshine: "Momma, she can't do that, it is the whole Earth."

And why, you ask, do I think Mother Nature needs my permission to snow?

This is a picture from my front yard on Sunday, Sunday March 23, 2008!

And for perspective, Sunshine in her Easter Best with the snow...

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