Saturday, March 1, 2008

Reached the Finish Line

So the project I've been leading for the past 4 months finally shipped on Thursday. It was an incredibly long haul. Lots of very tough decisions, long days and late nights. People giving 110% every day. By the end we were all short tempered and exhausted. But we did it. And I am so incredibly proud of the team and what we accomplished. I'm proud of how I behaved, and carried myself, I definitely see how I have grown as a person and a leader and am thrilled to see those traits in me.

I was offered tickets on Thursday to see the Bruins. It was luxury to the nth degree, a free bus ride to Boston, free food, a suite to watch the game and we got swag and got to meet 2 players. One current- Fernandez and one retired, some of you may have heard of him.. Ray Bourque. I went with 3 other people from work, 2 who were on my product team (and one member of the executive team), 1 who worked incredibly hard, just busted his butt from start to end, and the other who helped me keep my sanity throughout the project by being a sounding board for my concerns and ideas. I would have love to have brought the rest of the team, but that wasn't possible. I was glad I was given the opportunity to go and to invite some members of my team.

I love sports, I love watching them, I think watching hockey is wonderful, at times these big lumbering men in tons of padding can look as graceful as ballerinas just skating on the ice. It is amazing. So to see a professional hockey game under these circumstances... it was just about perfect in every way. Plus it was a well played game and they won!

As a humorous aside, I was the only woman on the bus of 33, and the only woman in the suite. I said to the security guard when he checked my purse- you aren't going to have to do this much today are you? He simply said no.

I'm hoping it only takes me a few days to wind down from the last few weeks of pressure, still feel like I need to be going a million miles an hour. Hopefully that will end soon.


Brian said...

Interesting concept, actually shipping a product. Seems like most of mine just got canceled at the 11th hour. (okay, only once, but I'm still irked...)

Congrats on such a huge accomplishment!

Stella and Thomas said...

Congrats on finishing. One of 33...hmmm, that sounds interesting.

shamalam said...

You would think.. but all the ones I saw had wedding rings on... not that I was looking or anything! :-)