Sunday, March 2, 2008


unshine goes to Mad Science "classes", it is offered through our local community education program. It is, by far, one of the best investments I've made for her. She loves it. They do "stuff" in class and then bring home different things to do. Each session has a theme- she has done a space one and a mechanical one and right now she is in a chemical reaction one.

So today, we made a volcano in our kitchen:


Stella and Thomas said...

How fun! Sunshine is such a genius!! You gotta love a girl who loves science.

Brian said...

sure, it seems cute and innocent now, but eventually she is going to think "if that cool stuff happens with just a little spoon of the white stuff and a dash of vinegar, what happens when I use THE WHOLE BOX and THE WHOLE BOTTLE?"

Enjoy that clean-up Shannon!

shamalam said...

Yes, Bri, I know I'm in for it... with you and the other "gentlemen" of Mancamp in her life, I'm pretty sure Sunshine will be shooting off potato canons filled with eggs covered in vinegar and baking soda, all the while playing wii.

I am blessed!